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Jun. 22nd, 2009


Harvest Info

Baby corn: "Baby corn ears are picked by hand immediately when the silks emerge from the ear tips or a few days after. Corn matures quickly, so the harvest must be timed carefully to avoid ending up with normal corn ears. Baby corn ears are generally 4.5cm to 10cm in length and 7mm to 17mm in diameter. "

Edible pea pods: about 3"

Jun. 1st, 2009


Indoor pollination

According to google..

Hand pollination required

Pumpkins--touch male flowers (no balls underneath) to females after opening

Runner, etc. beans--I think so? (http://www.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/Profile.aspx?pid=381)

Courgettes: (http://www.dkimages.com/discover/home/Gardening/Kitchen-Garden/Vegetables/Vegetable-Groups/Fruiting-and-Flowering/Marrow-Courgette-Squash/Hand-pollinating-Courgettes/index.html)

Gherkins: seed packet says to leave both male and female flowers for

Chili Peppers: transfer pollen between flowers with damp paintbrush


Bell peppers: self-pollinators but do better with help (http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/np/mba/jun05/pepper.htm)

Not required


Tomatoes: *but*, shaking the plant gently will help, something like an electric toothbrush (http://pollinator.com/self_pollinating_tomato.htm)(http://www.jasons-indoor-guide-to-organic-and-hydroponics-gardening.com/how-to-grow-tomatoes.html)

Baby corn: pick before pollination

Also, apparently we are USDA zone 8b (http://myfolia.com/zones/8b)

Apr. 27th, 2009


April '09

To be added to as orders come in, etc. Shall post pictures at some point, but this post is more a memory aid than anything..

(G-germinated PG-potted and in greenhouse PO-planted out H-harvestable, flowered, etc., X-dead,yanked)

-strawberry: albion
-runner bean: dwarf; hestia
-tomato: gourmet (3 ikea topsy-turvy, 2 greenhouse)
-bell pepper: red, sweet
-olive tree
-ptilotus joey
-tomato: hundreds and thousands

I've brought most of the veg back inside as they're been eaten by pests. Shall put some out when polytunnel arrives.

Cupar Garden Centre
live plants
-mixed lobelia (blooming finally)
-spinach (doesn't seem to be putting out new growth)
-purple broccoli (doing surprisingly well wherever I put it)
-saxifraga: ruby red
-dahlia: dali; yellow and orange (very sad looking after bad weather)
-nemesia: fleuris; blue and melanie
-petitunia: mini me blue
-brachyscome: mini mauve delight
-campanula: garganica; 'dickson's gold'
-dahlia (take two--keeping it inside longer)
-pelargonium regal
-nicotiana (mine are puny)
-nasturtium: peach melba
-ginger mint
-common mint
-common oregano
-basil (3 colors)
-nicotiana sylvestris
-hot pepper

St. Andrews Garden Centre
-vinca minor: la grave

-dahlia: santa claus
-dicentra spectabilis (bleeding heart)

One of these has sprouted..think it's the dahlia.

From Seed: direct to garden
-calendula (coming up nicely in container)
-sweet pea (coming up in places not swamped by weeds)
-pea: early onward (doing well)
-pea: avola (doing well)
-california poppies

From Seed: window germinating
-sweet pea G
-freesia G
-lettuce: saladin G
-mint G
-lobelia: cambridge blue G (puuuny)
-oregano G
-basil G
-tomato: gardener's delight G (excellent)
-fragrance mix (Achillea, Aquilegia, Centaurea, Lathyrus, Moluccella, Nicotiana and Oenothera)G
-cress (sprouts) G X (fail)
-nicotiana G
-cornflower (batchelor buttons) G
-lemon coriander G (pinched back flowers)
-flat leaf parsley G
-pumpkin: hundredweight G
-lettuce: cos leaf G
-pickling gherkins
-baby corn

-lettuce: cos G (got quite floppy)
-kale: curly G (transplanted out)

Feb. 2nd, 2009


*Checks watch..*

I wasn't expecting to be updating the garden blog so soon in the year. However, last week I noticed that the bulbs are all coming up.

The japanese maple is starting to show some buds as well.

The winter jasmine did bloom, though I must say it was a bit underwhelming.

I was quite concerned about the bulbs and even took my wringing-fingers self over to Garden Banter. They assured me that bulbs are smarter than we give them credit for. Still, no one predicted what happened today:


Now don't laugh--in this part of Scotland, that's just unheard of. And we're lucky. London has virtually shut down with the amount of snow they got.

This little snowdrop was maybe not so smart..poor thing.

Oct. 10th, 2008



I neglected to mention the bulbs I planted last month. Photos are courtesy of folks on Flickr who actually got them to grow! I can only hope to be so lucky in the spring..


Tulip (little princess)

Tulip (little beauty)

Dwarf iris--yellows, lilacs, and purples

Muscari--lavenders, whites, and deep purples

Anemone coronaria--pinks, lavenders, whites, and reds

Freesia--yellows, whites, lavenders, deep pinks

Crocuses--yellows, lavenders, purples, whites

Narcissi--short-stemmed variety (less pornographic, one hopes) in whites, yellows, and oranges

Oct. 1st, 2008


Fall Plantings

Just made an order to http://www.johnsmarketgarden.com.. Here's what I ordered, hopefully they'll have everything in stock. I'm really sort of giddy over some of the things coming :)

For 2 large pots on either side of the door:
-pernettyas; one white-berried, one crimson--I thought that would be lovely ahead of christmas

For a large pot in our patio area, an acer palmatum 'little princess'

For the borders around the front of the house:
-Salix hastata: dwarf pussy willows that are apparently only 1' tall!
**edit..typo on the shop's site--these will be more like 1 *meter* tall

-Prostanthera cuneata, "the Snowy Mint Bush, from Australia"

-Ceratostigma willmottianum

-Jasminum nudiflorum and officionale; the former apparently flowers in winter!

For the largish planted area:

-three varieties of deutzia; lemony white, deep pink, and lighter pink

-Osmanthus heterophyllus

-common rosemary

For the bed on the other side of the path:

-Amelanchier lamarckii, a pretty little tree from North America, which, if I can keep it alive will have white flower, then pretty berries, then very colorful autumn leaves.

-Chaenomeles 'Geisha Girl' and 'pink lady', gorgeous flowering quinces. These are only supposed to grow a few feet in height and the fruit has some uses.

Last but not least, I intend to train a hedge of lilacs along 10 feet or so of the back of our property, as I'm not terribly enthusiastic about neighbors being able to watch us should I ever put a table and chairs outside.

Sep. 20th, 2008


Garden Wildlife


*prefers insects, ground feeder, provide meal worms from early spring

-blue tits


*though juveniles, these guys are huge. I'm a bit concerned for the other birdies

-black birds


-coal tits

-house sparrows


Garden Plants

Photos of things in our garden..most of which need to be identified.


A little bush rose I planted. (hybrid tea rose--our jubilee)

A very leggy rose.


Scary mutant ivy-hawthorn-elderberry tree

Raspberry and tayberry.

Rowan tree and pots of thyme and the 50p pepper plant.
*edit* NOT a rowan, it's a pyracantha (firethorn), also a rosaceae.

The smaller broom, yikes.

My crap little bird bath in the background.

*mulch ahead of cold weather, don't cut back live growth

buddleia (butterfly bush)

More honeysuckle..



Random fern and wild things

The birdie tree

Holly tree with bonus berries